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Cutting Kernel Clutter

We have several bird lovers among our clients who enjoy watching the many birds as they migrate through and start new families each spring.  Enticing these fine feathered friends comes with its own mess both from the birds dropping and the squirrels trying to get their easy meal. Every year we get questions regarding prevention of the mess in the grass and the sprouts that incur from it.

The bird seed can get dropped heavily enough that it kills off the grass.  And the sprouting seed can become a mushy mess to clean up in the lawn or garden bed.  Here are some tips to minimize the trouble and enjoy the feathered friends.

  • Purchase non germinating seed, run it through a blender or bake it for about 10 minutes at 150-200*
  • Look for seed that has fewer filler seeds (avoid red millet, milo and cracked corn) these end up on the ground as the least favorite to eat
  • Make sure your hook or post is steady and slippery to keep it from rocking in the wind too much and keep the squirrels at bay
  • Pick a bird feeder with smaller holes and/or larger trays below to reduce overflow


Andrea Shaw
Andrea Shaw
Andrea Shaw