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Off to a Rocky Start

It seems that most people in Nebraska want more of Colorado in their lives, for the scenery and its mountainous wilderness activities.  I have good news for you.  What you can’t always get to, you can often find a way to bring to your own landscape.  The alpine rocky terrain and atmosphere can be accomplished with a well thought out design and is one of many Rock Gardens used in landscaping.

Any sloped area can be built to feel more like a refined mountain side complete with evergreens and moss boulders.  Drought tolerant wild flowers, spring bulbs, and even a few shrubs can be nestled in among the boulders and hill side.  This is just one reason and one type of rock garden that can be incorporated into your landscape.

Rock gardens tend to be built more for those hard slopes and grades on yards, than just for aesthetics. Typically we see rock gardens as a small rocky hillside or a flat area completely covered in rocks.  The Colorado rocky slope is one way to rethink that rock garden.  Eastern wooded mountain slopes, dry creek beds and the Japanese rock garden are several other types useful for both practicality and visual appeal.  So, if your desire is more for the eastern hills of Kentucky moss boulders, deciduous shade trees and part shade perennials can be used to create that perfect scene.  Even a wooded stream can be included.

Think beyond the typical rock garden while still taking advantage of the benefits of rock garden structure. Find the one that suits your needs and customize it to your style.  Colorado or Kentucky might be closer to your home than you think. 😉


Andrea Shaw
Andrea Shaw
Andrea Shaw