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TLC – plant edition

Brand new installed landscapes all need a little TLC to reach healthy establishment at which time maintenace becomes minimum and routine.  Early TLC includes:
  1. Watering is essential to proper care for the first season after planting. This should be done a regular basis, slowly and once a week after the first couple weeks.
  2. Annual fertilization is also recommended to encourage healthy growth.
  3. Pruning the first couple years is important to get trees and shrubs trained appropriately for health and looks.
  4. Removing misplaced plants (a.k.a. - weeds) helps keep things tidy and eliminates unneeded competition for water and nutrients. Pre-emergents can help tremendously.
  5. Top dressing mulch and touch up is helpful to retain moisture in the tougher seasons (summer & winter)
We offer both maintenance and some pruning training to get your landscape off to a good start!g

Andrea Shaw
Andrea Shaw
Andrea Shaw