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Dilemma Solved.

Here’s the dilema. The house is average single family home.  The kids need their own room. Life is always happening in the family room.  The deck is nice, but the bugs are not.  Neighborhoods kids are more frequent.  Suddenly, there seems to be little place for quiet. For calm. For you.

Your answer may be in plain sight. If you look out the kitchen window, past the kids playing in the backyard you salvation sits waiting to be discovered.  As oddly as it sounds, that shed sitting out there may be your answer.  No really!  The mower and the few yard tools can really sit in the garage if you just cleaned it out and organized it.  Then the shed is fair game.  Clean her up, add some seating, some shelves, some decor and its now a new quiet space for solitude.

Believe it or not, more and more people are turning small sheds into their own solitary oasis.  Standard front doors are exchanged for the factory door.  Little front porch steps with roofs are added.  Electricity is run out to the shed for indoor lighting.  Its treated as an indoor room of your home, or it’s own little house altogether.  With a comfy loveseat, a cute high back chair or a quaint desk it suddenly gains purpose.  It becomes your quiet spot, or your hobby spot where you can be you and escape the busy of life for a short time.

Now keeping your spouse or your kids from joining you…that’s up to you.


Andrea Shaw
Andrea Shaw
Andrea Shaw