The propagation and spread of succulents in the garden world has really taken off.  People creativity for using them has also left the run way.  Most would see succulents as indoor arrangements, but there’s a good section that are cold hardy as well. Sempervivum – say it with me – sem-per-vi-vum. That’s right, Grandma’s hen and chicks plants have several …

Dilemma Solved.

Here’s the dilema. The house is average single family home.  The kids need their own room. Life is always happening in the family room.  The deck is nice, but the bugs are not.  Neighborhoods kids are more frequent.  Suddenly, there seems to be little place for quiet. For calm. For you. Your answer may be in plain sight. If you …

Pollinator Palace DIY

The garden world depends on our pollinators for fruit, flowers and species continuation.  Most of us think of bees as the pollinators, but in reality many types of bugs help get the job done.  In fact some plants depend solely on flies – their not-so-great smell wont attract others.  Bees, butterflies, flies, wasps, moths, flying beetles, bats, hummingbirds and ants …

May 1, 2017
Andrea Shaw
April 24, 2017
Andrea Shaw
April 17, 2017
Andrea Shaw