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The Lake called, My Backyard

In the past couple years the amount of rain that has come down at one time has been significantly higher than usual.  Several clients who have never had problems with rain have commented on rain in their basements, or standing water in their lawns.  This is a situation that is hard to remedy without seeing it at first. There are a few different reasons that could be at work here...
  1.  The soil could be heavy in clay thus leaving a very slow draining area.
  2. Grade of the area could be causing a pooling effect if not done properly.
  3. Finally, there could be a problem with how water is draining away from the house. If there is a pop up that takes too much of the run off or a drain that is plugged and backing up you could end up with too much water going to the same location causing standing water.
Most likely it is one of the first two problems.  Find a reliable irrigation or landscaping company to assess the problem in your area if it can not be determined easily.g

Andrea Shaw
Andrea Shaw
Andrea Shaw